In an interview with the AP early this year

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purse replica handbags Alain Baxter skiing for Great Britain (Image: PA)Get Sport updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersSCOTS skiing legend Alain Baxter is looking to make a dramatic return to winter sports action tonight in Canada in one of the most exciting action events in the world.Baxter will represent Scotland for the new season of Red Bull Crashed Ice, the downhill ice skating races which sees daredevil competitors hurtle down a bendy track full of jumps and bends at speeds of up to 40mph.And the 42 year old Scot, who retired from his sport six years ago as the most successful British alpine skier male of all time, said he is feeling great ahead of his first full season of the extreme sport series.Aviemore born Baxter joined the Scottish team last year for two events but is now the star man for the Scots and is looking forward to flying the flag in Quebec City starting today.(Image: Daily Record)”I’m excited actually, because it was an unbelievable experience last time. When I was racing and skiing the World Cup, I was living in Austria, near Salzburg. And because of the slope conditions there, we were skiing on ice. purse replica handbags

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