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Replica Designer Handbags Tibetan Buddhism offers a unique premise: that to be a woman can actually be favorable on the path to spiritual
A female messenger of wisdom is called a dakini in the ancient Indian language of
Dakinis are elusive and playful by nature; trying to nail them down with a neat definition means missing them, since defying narrow intellectual concepts is at the core of their wise
For my book Dakini Power: Twelve Extraordinary Women Shaping the Transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, I asked several of the foremost female Buddhist teachers in the West to share their understanding of the
Khandro Rinpoche is one of the very rare female reincarnations in Tibetan Buddhism, and her name literally means “precious
The dakini principle must not be oversimplified, as it carries many levels of
On an outer level, accomplished female practitioners were called dakinis, and it is in this sense that the term is used in the title of this
“To really meet the dakini, you have to go beyond duality,” Khandro Rinpoche teaches, referring to an essential principle in Vajrayana that the absolute reality cannot be grasped
The Tibetan word for dakini, khandro, means “sky-goer” or “space-dancer,” which indicates that these ethereal awakened ones have left the confinements of solid earth and have the vastness of open space to play
Thus, dakinis appear in many
“The dakinis are the most important elements of the enlightened feminine in Tibetan Buddhism,” says American teacher Lama Tsultrim
If we are not willing to invite the dakini into our life, then we cannot enter these subtle states of
Tsultrim Allione has built her temple, Tara Mandala in Colorado, specifically as a manifestation of the enlightened
Prajnaparamita, the embodiment of “transcendent wisdom,” sits in perfect meditation posture on a lotus, holding up a loose-leaf text of the wisdom
Tara, the female buddha known as the “One who Liberates,” sits with one leg stretched out indicating that she is ready to jump up and help beings whenever
For lack of a better word, in English these buddhas are usually called “
Some of them are depicted as serene and peaceful like Tara and
Because dakinis are said to break through blockages and obstacles, they are often associated with an uncomfortably fierce
But then, in the Tantric tradition, there is the wild aspect of the dakini, untamed, and free, belonging to no man,” Tsultrim Allione
Tibetan Buddhists were not the first to meet the
Like many elements of Vajrayana, the dakinis emerged first in the Indian Tantras, and those, in turn, had partly drawn on ancient pre-Aryan goddess
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