If on the other hand you consider yourself to be part of a

If you practice self care, it will also enable you to step forward into many fearful situations as you know, you are not going to beat yourself up if things don go your way! Good self care requires being selfish and positive, in a self nurturing way. It also means that you will refuse to feel bad about yourself, feel guilty or beat yourself up. It means that you are willing to put your needs above the never ending stream of demands from the outside world.. If on the other hand you consider yourself to be part of a living universe part of a universe that is in a mysterious way one undivided being, conscious of itself and trying to express its perfection in the material world through these specks of dust, well, guess what, then you would have to conclude that everything you do does matter and has a significant impact on the world around us! These two different viewpoints are obviously miles apart from each other. Which of the two is more true is not part of this discussion and obviously will be decided by the reader. But if you have to make a decision between action A or action B then becoming clear about your context might be of utmost importance. However, if you are working to accomplish a task that is important to your business it may be necessary to allow the phone to ring and the answering machine to handle some calls. I not suggesting that you ignore your customers, but that you use your answering machine for what it is a message service. By knowing who has called and what they need, you can call your customers back when you have time to work with them without feeling rushed.

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