I was able to get rid of my acne by cutting out dairy

To clarify: Nasu mentioned in notes on his blog that the world only undoes Singularity damage that it cannot plausibly get away with to get back on track, and that the damage a Singularity does is to the era, not the year. If someone dies in a singularity, the world may resolve it by having that person die a more normal death in the repaired history, but it also may punt that death a bit further down the road or just cut a person lifespan shorter than it was before, and it may have other people pick up the pace to make up for those who were killed, or even sub in outright and take on their job and role. So if George Washington died in E Pluribus Unum, that doesn necessarily mean he died in the repaired history, he might been able to do his thing still and just had a slightly shorter life than before, or if he did die, someone else might taken his place..

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