I used to ask myself and say, “Lord, reveal me

يغ رائعة لصلاة علي سيد الخلق

Peace be upon you. Peace, blessings and blessings of God be upon you. Peace, blessings and blessings of God be upon you.

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Come to view on the mighty..
He says:
Humans disappeared around me (this in the vision ) As if no one in the land of the beholder.. And then I saw a great snake strong strong being walking to me I said:
Ah: Save me from this snake
He said to me..

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You are not God, but You are not a god but You are alone. You are not your partner. We are our Creator and we are your servants.

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العشق المحمدي – Profile of ناصية, كاذبة, خاطئة User Name Remember Me?

One contemporary scholar says: I always read the words of Allah

.. I used to ask myself and say, “Lord, reveal me.” On the front of a Canadian scientist at a Hermes Birkin replica medical conference held in Cairo

He said: Just 50 years ago we were assured that the part of the brain under the front

directly (the front) of man is responsible for lying and error and Source

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