I think they are taking my ovaries too

Anoulie u

canadian goose jacket before kiddo goes to dad the kid does spend the night at dad (> 25ish hours at a time), but dad doesn live super far away, you could drive over there and give him the medication yourself. It be a hassle, but better than having your kid seize. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance Those options would just be a short term patch. For long term, I would definitely go to back to court about this. canada goose clearance

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I just graduated from med school and your story doesn add up to me. Why wouldn they be able to place canada goose parka uk the implant because your arm is tattooed? Or is it that you don want it to be placed there because your arm is tattooed?

And I never heard of a hysterectomy being done for contraception reasons. Even child free women just get their tubes tied. A hysterectomy is a pretty major surgery, especially compared to getting your tubes tied/removed/cauterized. I can think of any reason a surgeon would expose you to the larger risk of hysterectomy vs. tubal ligation, since they said they only do it if you have no other (contraceptive) options.

canada goose There also a hormonal patch you put on your back or your arm that canada goose uk site works similar to an oral contraceptive (birth control pill) and speaking of which, why don you just take the daily pill? In case it because you don want to deal with the hormones, there a pill that has a very similar hormone to the one in the upper arm implant (the mini pill, I actually took that one for a few months). canada goose

You could probably also put the implant in your lower arm, or your calf or somewhere, but since there aren any studies for that, I can see why your doctors wouldn suggest it.

On a more personal note, I don really understand why you WANT a hysterectomy. I get it, men don have uteruses, you identify as a man, so it doesn match up with your identity but you don really notice your uterus. It not like a vagina that you have to deal with daily. And if it about period cramps just get your ovaries removed! They the ones responsible for all your female hormones anyway.

Sorry if I sounded judge y, I genuinely curious 🙂 1 point submitted 6 days ago

So the tattoo they said they cant do the implant because it would mess up the ink? I didnt question it.

canada goose uk black friday The hysterectomy rather than tubes tied was granted because I trans. Initially they said tubes tied once they agreed, and I begged for the hysterectomy. Since they already agreed to do a surgery, they decided to do that. Having a uterus horrifies me and I hate it. I think they are taking my ovaries too. I dont get my period because I on testosterone. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Outlet Anything using hormones cant be used apparently? Because I on testosterone so we already have hormones going on. That ixnayed the pill and patch. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale https://www.thecanadagooseoutlet.com I use the VA medical system. Not informing patients of everything is normal, and I was canada goose outlet store toronto relieved and didnt ask more questions. canada goose coats on sale

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Your guinea pig should not be accessible to the dogs. Not even visible, ideally. canada goose outlet washington dc His cage should be above their eye level and be like an aquarium or a TV or a painting to them: Some random human thing that none of their business.

Also, I kept guineapigs for many years and I a bit passionate about advocating canada goose discount uk for good guinea pig keeping. So here are some bullet points (of course you may know a lot of this already):

Guinea canada goose outlet pigs do best canada goose outlet near me in a harem situation (one neutered male and 2 3 females). “Boygroups” are also possible, but ideally they should be neutered and have plenty of space to decrease the probability of aggression.

canada goose clearance sale Pellets canada goose outlet in toronto are unnecessary and usually unhealthy for indoor pigs (unless they pregnant or nursing). They should have hay and water available for free feeding, and fresh vegetables twice a day (feeding guideline is 10% of the pigs bodyweight in veggies per day). canada goose clearance sale

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While I agree that it sounds like a beautiful name, the connotation that comes with it is too strong and will likely follow her throughout her life. “Monster” was the first word that came to mind when I read it and I think that will likely be the same reaction from a lot of individuals. I wouldn’t put it past people from any country or demographic to refer to her as “Gila Monster.” They may only mean it as an affectionate nickname, but it will stick. While you say she may not go to school in the US, at some point she may travel there or to Canada, the UK, South Africa and any other English speaking country. Perhaps spelling it “Geila” could be an alternative or maybe thinking about names that are similarly pretty like Gia, Mia or Mila.


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