“I read everything I get my hands on, and I retain it

… she smiled, and I loved it so much when she did; not for what she had a beautiful smile (though she had), but for what she was telling me when she smiled! Practically, she told me everything!… and even loved those moments; moments of the morning when she was ruffled, untouched when she was, without other allegories and stuff She was terribly amusing me, moments when she was not able to pick up a cup of coffee on the table like a child learning to go!
Incapable to articulate a word, but so expressive that I understood everything! And she, smile! No, for the rest, telling everything, for me!
I liked what she was offering me! Not because I had expectations, but because I felt what she was offering me!
Simple, calm, confident and loving!

Something that does not require words! It only requires living!
Day with sunshine to have! (By

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