I like Baccarat’s list of notes

Sunday 30th November is the day on which Miriam Vleugels celebrates her 10th anniversary as professional
You can follow the creation of this painting (starting
Each hour you’ll find a new picture of the painting on this eBay auction site:
Of course, this is the place to be to give your bid on the Jubilee-
The bidding starts at The shipping costs will depend on the country the painting has to be shipped to (maximized shipping costs € 200,-).


I have just gotten off the phone with the Canadian Consulate in Barbados: +1284-544-2706 (press 1 then 4) and I got their permission to make this public information so please help me share:

The CANADIAN FORCES are arriving to BEEF ISLAND today at 3PM (BVI time) and are evacuating ALL CANADIAN
The Standard Rapid Deployment Team is hoping to evacuate everyone

Thank you!

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Replica Hermes Belts Join us for an amazing Sunday Brunch and enjoy delectable dishes served up from Chef Alfredo along with deliciously refreshing libations from the bar all the subtle sounds of Oren Hodge playing We offer dining room seating, pool side seating, even waterfront dock seating by Reservations appreciated and recommended but all are $30 per person

Sunday Buffet
—-Egg Station—-
*Traditional Benny w/ poached egg over English muffin and Canadian bacon topped with hollondaise
*Shrimp Oscar Benny w/ poached egg over English muffin with shrimp and asparagus tips
*Cloudet Benny w/ poached egg over sweet potato hash topped with hollondaise
*Cheesy Scrambled w/ cheddar, mozzarella and green onions
—Sweet Station—
*Banana Bread
*Red Velvet muffins
*Fried and sugar dusted waffle rounds
—Cold Station—
*Deviled eggs- Pickled ginger & Sriracha, Traditional & Jalepeno
*Fresh Fruits
*Granola & Yogurt
*Pasta Salad
*Mixed greens w/ assorted toppings and dressings
*Miniature club sandwiches
*Assorted miniature gourmet grilled cheese
—Hot Station—
*Rum infused french toast
*Chicken & Waffles
*Potato Hash
*Biscuits & Southern Sausage Gravy Replica Hermes Belts.


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1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7
+36 1 338 31 66
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