I have always been a positive person

Bending at the hip, lower your upper body to the ground and touch your palms to the floor. Next, kick your legs back wards into a push up position and lower your chest to the floor. Push your chest back up, thrust both feet forward, then jump up and clap both hands over your head..

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preacher Sheikh Noman sheikhs
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mad partisanship

Mohammad Ishaq Rural

There in the Arab and Muslim worlds many groups Islamic political and jihadist actors, each with their own ideas and approaches, even though they have common goals and are active in common areas and common denominators. Many Islamic groups justify their existence by the jurisprudential rule. The duty of the call to God, the liberation of the occupied territories, and the application of Islamic law, and the revival of the Islamic caliphate, but collective action
The factors of time and place, social contemporary and political transitions, regional and international circumstances, the role in influencing the thinking and approach of Islamic groups and means
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