I found Ice did a better job applying curses for me

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Woops, I WAS using Thunder but I switched it to Herald of canada goose uk shop Ice a while ago, didn realize cheap canada goose uk I hadn changed that in PoB. I found Ice did a better job applying curses for me.Frostbolt is currently on a 5.5L Shaper helmet (with Hypothermia and +1% crit chance), I played around with a canada goose clearance few different support setups for it Canada Goose Outlet and currently the Frostbolt Echo Inc. Crit Crit. Damage feels the best. I don like Ele Focus because with Berek Grip ring and the Yoke of Suffering amulet, my Frostbolts give me full shock and leech canada goose factory sale 1% hp/mana. If you want a similar attack (alternating elements, but with damage that you can actually scale) Wild Strike is basically elemental hit buy canada goose jacket 2.0. You can use it from lvl 28 onwards and unlike le hit it can be used to scale with your gear to eventually clear all content. Hell, I playing a wildstriker this league.Edit: For example, inc phys damage nodes would improve your wildstike damage, since it would scale the phys before wild strike CONVERTS the physical damage into elemental. So I around level 72ish, and I running Tier 4 8 maps right now, and it a lot of fun! However, I starting to realize that the gear I been wearing for a long time is going to wear out soon.My question is, what kind of drops am I looking for? While uk canada goose outlet leveling I just bought the recommended leveling gear, and rolled sockets on it, and I canada goose black friday sale been using that ever since.Should I be looking at cheap Canada Goose every rare Canada Goose Online that drops, regardless of sockets, and see if canada goose store the stats are better than what I using?Right now I running through maps and none of the gear really seems to be worth anything.I using Neversink loot filter, any colors of buy canada goose jacket cheap item drops I should be looking for?I suppose at this point I should change my loot filter from regular to semi strict or strict?I guess it depends on your build. If you are going for a crit build then you really won need ignite chance.If you are non crit or low crit you might want some ignite chance.I will note that crit and ignite chance are Canada Goose Jackets rolled differently.Crit is rolled once per skill activationExample: molten canada goose uk outlet strike rolls a crit then your main melee hit crits and so does every ball. (So every swing has a single roll to get your ignite)However ignite chance rolls per hitExample: if you use canada goose outlet molten strike on a mob and you also hit them with canada goose coats on sale 2 of the balls then you will roll the ignite chance 3 seperate times.Just subtle Canada Goose Parka differences between the 2, translates to low uk canada goose crit chance will be canada goose coats a bit harder to get the blessing vs using ignite chanceFairly new player canada goose here. This is my first league really getting into mapping. I am in the middle of canadian goose jacket leveling my 3rd character this league (get bored and want to try new builds).Once the character is into mapping I find it quite simple to follow a build guide and progress quite easily. However, leveling is always such a thorn in the side. For instance, right now I am leveling a canada goose uk black friday raider. The build guide is for ele Cyclone, but he suggest leveling with Frost Blades. It is great and I am one shotting mobs as I walk through areas. The pain for me is bosses. I find myself constantly getting one shot, and just spamming the boss until I eventually kill it. This has been the Canada Goose Coats On Sale same for ever character.Any tips? I am res capped and I am using Canada Goose online tabula rasa for 6 link as well as some other nice leveling uniques. But every time I get to bosses, it is just so canada goose clearance sale frustrating. When a map drops it has a base tier for the map. Then you get a chance for a +1 bonus based on how many maps you completed. Magic, rare, Canada Goose sale and boss monsters can all drop higher tier maps. Maps can only drop if you have completed them, or if they adjacent to the map you running.

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