I felt like I had, you know, at home, we would speak Spanish

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canada goose outlet store Shortly before ten o’clock the group began its march toward S?hiyye Square where from 12:00 16:00 they were to hold a rally titled ‘Stand Up to War, Demand Peace Now!’ (Sava?a ?nat, Bar?? Hemen ?imdi).There is no question whom such a rally benefits: Turkish society, but especially the citizens of the war torn southeast, whether Kurdish, Arab, or Turkmen; the families canada goose outlet website legit of soldiers in Turkey’s conscript army, whether or not they agree with the state’s war aims; the working class of Turkey, which needs to unite against those who would splinter it along identitarian lines.There can be no question whom it challenges: those holding onto power in the saddle of sectarian strife, manipulating ethnic and religious hatreds to cover up their on going massacre of workers, women, and minorities. There can be little doubt that these words apply as well to the AKP as to canada goose outlet store uk the fundamentalist gangs it has been accused of harbouring and arming for battle in Syria.We should not spend too much time agonising over which arm of the reactionary alliance is formally canada goose outlet shop responsible for the twin explosions that ripped through the crowd at 10:04 am, as the convoy had reached Genlik (Youth) Park across from the station. Whether the culprits are an international jihadi group or someone closer to home makes little difference when these groups have effectively formed a united front against the Kurds, and against progressive possibilities generally from Istanbul to Damascus.The state’s first reaction to the explosions was to punish the victims. canada goose outlet store

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The apathy of politicians is not only confined to the victims of jihadi terrorism. The Bihar chief minister continued with his political yaatra even as a passenger train was attacked by the Maoists. To top it all, he chose to give interviews to a series of television channels on a day when thousands were reported dead and several thousands were oscillating between life and canada goose kensington parka uk death in one of the most revered Indian pilgrimage axis in Uttrakhand.

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