I didn even try to do in the matriculation exam

Finnish students increasingly reject Swedish language

I personally didn buy canada goose jacket do swedish in the matriculation exam (years ago) simply because I didn know swedish at all even after studying it for six years. canada goose outlet black friday For comparison I had studied english since third grade but swedish was taught from Canada Goose Outlet 7th grade onward at that time.On a scale from canada goose outlet store 4 canada goose outlet reviews to 10 (4 being fail) I graduated official cheap canada goose uk canada goose outlet lukio with an average grade canada goose uk shop of 4,5 and it rounded up to 5 so I didn fail it. I didn even try to do in the matriculation exam.In university I passed the swedish course. It consisted of writing a 150 word essay about some tech thing (it was about twitter iirc) and then in the canada goose clearance oral exam I had to talk about klimatfrndringen (climate change) with another student while the teacher listened.Do I know how to speak swedish? Nej. It took me 12 years to have any use for that. Well, turns out in 12 years you kinda lose your grip on a language you never were that good in anyways.Languages that I would actually needed meanwhile include Russian, Chinese (both cantonese and mandarin), German and Czech. And the annoying canada goose jacket outlet piloshop part is that I was cheap Canada Goose actually studying German before Swedish, but when Canada Goose Coats On Sale I Canada Goose Jackets was taught the same concepts about them canada goose outlet canada at the same time by the same teacher, they mixed up Canada Goose sale in my head pretty bad and now I can do neither.It isn really that surprising that if you don have a use for something, studying it becomes just a chore. Walloons never bother to learn canada goose outlet shop Dutch but Flemish must learn French. canadian goose jacket Don forget, 60% of Belgium are Flemish and Flanders keeps Walloonia from imploding with annual money injections. canada goose outlet Even after drawing the Belgian language border, French gained terrain around Brussels because canada goose outlet in usa the Dutch language had no buy canada goose jacket cheap recognition. Now they want canada goose factory outlet to redraw the language border lol. This situation has made many Flemish people canada goose outlet toronto factory angry and they stopped replying in French, which even got reactions from the French canada goose media where they canada goose coats on sale spoke canada goose outlet new york city to Flemish canada goose coats people in French and acted like “muh canada goose outlet jackets human rights, muh discrimination” when they responded in Dutch. There was no separate entity canada goose outlet parka of Finland. Sweden simply started ruling an area no one had ruled before. And canada goose canada goose uk outlet outlet uk likewise I don consider the autonomous time under Russian rule as an occupation as canada goose outlet sale such, as that was the first time Finland became a distinct political entity and Finland had so much autonomy many goose outlet canada Finns still interpret we were uk canada goose a sovereign nation who had the same head of state as Russia.I don really canada goose black friday sale consider either of them to be “bad”. You are mixing language with ethnicity. Finnish language did not have the same status as Swedish language, but otherwise Finns as people had the exact same rights as Swedes.Languages back then were seen more like just tools of communication, not some inherent part of identity. In Swedish Finland, several languages were used. Latin was the language canada goose uk black friday of religion, Swedish was the language of administration, canada goose outlet store German was canada goose outlet nyc a common language in commerce, French was common language in aristocracy. You can think speaking canada goose black friday sale Swedish back then Canada Goose Online as a skill like literacy is now.Due to protestant reformation by the Swedish king, the foundations of Finnish language were laid during the Swedish rule. Mikael Agricola created written Finnish language as a part of the reformation, where the people should learn about religion in their mother tongue. It canada goose outlet store uk not like Sweden started ruling Finland without anyone telling Finnish speakers what was going on. The canada goose clearance sale Finnish translation office in Stockholm set up Canada Goose Parka in the 18th century was created specifically as an improvement on the previous translation work, as previously the notifications and laws had been translated into Finnish on the go. While the language of administration was Swedish, of course when communicating uk canada goose outlet with Finns Finnish was also used.Finnish language wasn even in use in cities, Canada Goose online only in rural areas, but was restored in the canada goose outlet online middle of canada goose store the XIX century as Finland was an autonomous part of Russia. The modern capital, Helsinki, is defined by Russia instead of the Swedish speaking Turku.To be honest, at the last years of the Russian empire there were canada goose outlet uk sale attempts of Russification canada goose factory sale which turned into losing the territory when canada goose outlet online uk the October putsch happened, so it didn affect them so hard, only.


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