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is it time to save the moon

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It apples and oranges.In the sutras, Gautama uses reason and discourse to show how the Dharma makes sense. He didn make a claim, then when pressed shrug his shoulders and say, “Once enlightened all that stuff just falls away.” I replica bags china always find it curious how frequently people resort to that tactic here, as if they think talking people in circles is a mark of enlightenment.UnicornCaviar 1 point submitted 9 hours agoWell, actually Buddha was born out best replica designer bags of Hindu culture, and his enlightenment created something new which was inspired by, yet different from Hinduism. Similarly Jesus was born out of Judaism, and his enlightenment created something new which was inspired by, yet different from Judaism.Both Jesus and Buddha saw through all the dogma, ritual, and nonsense of their respective religions, and they discovered the underlying truth which is behind all religious systems; a middle way 7a replica bags wholesale if you will.UnicornCaviar 2 points submitted 1 day agoWow! What a giant leap you took there.

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