However, people forget that she was an outspoken communist and

What White Feminists Should NOT Buy

Frida Kahlo ANYTHINGI canadagoosejacketca love Frida Kahlo, you love Frida Kahlo, we all love Frida Kahlo! She was an amazing, trail blazing woman and a talented artist, and her adoration is well deserved. However, people forget that she was an outspoken communist and therefore extremely anti capitalist, so a white girl printing her face on a t shirt or a button and selling it on Etsy really is super disrespectful to her memory.

So white feminists (or anybody really, but mainly white girls), please do not buy or canada goose sell t shirts, pins, iphone cases, etc. with Frida’s face on it.

Casual CissexismUteruses and vaginas are demonized in our canada goose coats on sale culture, so by all means we should celebrate our bits, and canada goose clearance sale there’s nothing wrong with showing pride towards your ovaries just don’t equate having them with being canada goose store a woman.

Plenty of canada goose uk black friday women don’t have vaginas, or ovaries, or uteruses, etc, and some men do have these organs. We cis girls can love our vaginas, so long as we recognize that a cheap Canada Goose vagina does not equal womanhood or even femininity. Don’t be that trans Canada Goose Outlet exclusionary feminist who ignores canada goose uk shop or Canada Goose Parka demonizes trans women.

Iconography of racist and trans Canada Goose online exclusionary feministsSusan B. Anthony, celebrated feminist icon, was a racist. But, you may argue, she helped improve women’s standing in society! cheap canada goose uk Yes, that’s true. She helped improve the social standing of white women.

There are buy canada goose jacket a million and one better feminist icons than white supremacist or trans exclusionary women of her ilk. Why get a Susan B. Anthony poster when you could get a poster of Angela Davis, bell hooks, Julia Serano, Sylvia Rivera, or Marsha P. Johnson?

And if you want to honour feminists of old, why not celebrate Sojourner Truth and other canada goose factory sale black and women canada goose clearance of colour feminists?

Get your heroes straight, girl!

Obnoxious Sex PositivityOkay, you like sex. Maybe you like sex a lot. Cool, there’s nothing wrong with that! But sorry to tell you, there’s nothing radical about that, either.

The fact Canada Goose sale of the matter is, women of colour (especially native women), women in canadian goose jacket poverty, queer women, and disabled women are more likely uk canada goose to canada goose black friday sale experience sexual violence and harassment than heterosexual, middle class white women, so reclaiming the word “slut” or proclaiming how much they love sex is Canada Goose Online not necessarily going to be liberating for them. The appeal of sex positivity/reclaiming Canada Goose Coats On Sale the word slut, etc. has a lot to do with white privilege, class privilege, and able bodied privilege.

Of course, women of any background or Canada Goose Jackets experience can be uk canada goose outlet sex positive or canada goose outlet vancouver reclaim the word slut if she wants to; just be respectful about it and don’t expect all other women to do buy canada goose jacket cheap or feel the same.

Patricia 2 years ago

IN THE US the “Black feminist symbol” is a black feminist symbol. In the rest of Europe it is not exclusive to black people, and it was actually in Europe it was first invented. This is very US centric.

Your critique of the raised fist and the woman symbol didn’t match my memory, canada goose coats so I looked it up. According to wikipedia, the raised fist has been used for centuries across many cultures and is not canada goose uk outlet specific to the BlacK Power movement.

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