He was also accused of posing for photos beside the bodies

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cheap designer bags replica In an explosive interview with the Ayrshire Post, Eric Trump insists many of our residents share his father’s political views.And in a searing attack on critics, Eric hit out at those trying to detract from the family’s overhaul of Turnberry.Resort boss Replica Bags Wholesale Eric says “dishonest media” are refusing to tell the real story of the President’s two day trip to Carrick.Eric, 34, told the Post: “You saw people line the streets as my dad was driven down from Prestwick to Turnberry.”It was an incredible welcome but nobody wants to talk about that. Instead wholesale replica designer handbags they focus Fake Designer Bags on 25 people hiding in the dunes, half of them phoney, Replica Handbags paid protesters surrounded by 50 cameras.”It’s amazing that we have to put up with that, but we know the real story.”(Image: Daily Record)Eric, who assumed the mantle at Turnberry as his dad ran for the White House, revealed how the visit gave them “quality time” on the Ayrshire coast.He said: “I’m a proud son and I couldn’t wait to show him what we’ve achieved here.”It was great just to see him relax and play some golf for a few hours.”You never truly relax in his job, but it was obvious how much he enjoyed it.”We played the Ailsa course together on Saturday and it was the most magical day without a Handbags Replica cloud in the sky. Designer Replica Bags He was blown away and so impressed.”He’s incredibly proud of it (Turnberry). cheap designer bags replica

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