He founded the workshop in 1985 as part of his lifelong

* Helou El Sham Factory announces the opening of the entrance to the job: Filling and packaging workers of both sexes, students and graduates. Admission from age: 16 to 35 years old for girls: 16 to 30 years old……………………………..

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Drivers on the Milan to Venice autostrada know they passing Vicenza when they see the Campagnolo factory sign, a 120 foot, royal blue version of founder Tullio Campagnolo signature, one of the world most understated yet recognizable logos. The company headquarters and main manufacturingfacility are located in a sprawling three story plant in the light industrialzone on the outskirts of town. The compound was built in 1981, and the executive suites retain a cool late 1970s vibe: modern, dimly lit, low ceilinged, and hushed.

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