He added that the change in currents in the post monsoon

The BBC’s 5 Live presenter Nicky Campbell suggested show bosses may draw a line under the scandal by ditching the pair later today.She accused Seann of being “controlling” and labelling her a “psycho” when she raised suspicions about his growing closeness to his dance partner, Mirror online reports.Strictly star Seann Walsh’s girlfriend Rebecca Humpries says he called her ‘psycho’ when she addressed cheating with co starHer fears were realised when she saw photos on Sunday of Katya and Seann kissing outside a London pub, which were taken on her birthday on October 3.Nicky and Rachel discussed the fallout of the scandal on their morning show.He acknowledged a cheating scandal had taken a sinister turn following Rebecca’s online essay alleging Seann’s behaviour during their five year relationship.He said: “People are saying this is classic bit of gaslighting. Those are her allegations.”It’s difficult to Katya Jones and Seann Walsh. It’s difficult for Strictly, given what he is alleged to have said.”I wonder if they will make it by lunchtime.

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