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Another Friday has arrived, and of course that means another PurseForum Roundup. We found a different kind of bling this week in the Jewelry Box, and also dropped into Kate Spade and Coach. We have some lovely bags to share from Louis Vuitton kerftabak , too. Come on in and enjoy the week’s conversations and reveals with us! We have visited the Jade Thread in the Jewelry Box before, and it remains one of the most active threads in that popular subforum – so much so that it needed a Part Two! We have learned a great deal about jade, to be sure, and gotten to see some stunning pieces, all of which have added to our appreciation of this wonderful stone. This week, some bracelets arrived at their new homes, and berniechocolate was especially happy with her new purchase.  *NYC Princess* also revealed a new bangle, as different as night and day from berniechocolate’s. Jade is incredible! We also have a brand new jade and jadeite reference thread, so drop in and learn along with us! Elsewhere in the Jewelry Box, there’s also an interesting conversation about wearing and insuring diamonds that has plenty of food for thought.Aren’t these shoes gorgeous? We look for signs of spring everywhere these days, and when we found these beauties in our Christian Louboutin subforum, we needed a moment to take them in. We love the new-to-you purchases thread because the variety is endless, and these neptune Toboggan sandals from DeMiau are absolutely summer-licious! Indi3r4 also got us in the summer frame of mind with her new shimmery gold Nodo sandals, which are just the ticket for a festive spring gathering. We always like to remind you that there our designer subforums also customarily include lots of reference materials to help you as you consider your purchases, and our Christian Louboutin subforum has dozens.Last week when we visited Coach, we stayed in the Valentine’s Day thread, so today we decided to venture into other threads to catch up. This week, swags showed off her Stewardess bag, a classic style in sturdy leather that of course recalls vintage Coach beautifully. Luvcoach picked up a mini Preston in sea mist, a pale shade that packs quite a punch for spring. Double reveals always get our attention, and we found a lot of buzz around Apilila’s new watch and bag. You will love the photos in this reveal, Gatormom included quite an interesting cast of characters while showing off her smooshy new addition!Louis Vuitton lovers keep that forum busy all day, every day. We know we can count on the new purchases of the month thread for plenty of delicious new bags, and this week this quetsche stunner from Grace1982 caught our eyes. Its always wonderful to celebrate the accomplishments of a fellow PurseForum member, and this week, we got to congratulate boyoverboard on double Masters Degrees AND a new bag! Stop in and join the party, champagne is on us!Do you remember Ban Island? Where members wait out their bag-buying bans until brighter days arrive? Well, this week we visited another island in the PurseForum  archipelagio, Content Island, where bags are plentiful and everyone is happy. This week, klatte sent a postcard in the form of a new bag purchase from Content Island, and it is a beauty. There are plenty of conversations to join in on page one of this busy subforum, including decisions being made; bags being revealed and a new fun thread on bags being decorated with scarves, fobs, and more.We found a thread in Kate Spade that made us smile – bobbyjean must have been reading our minds when she asked, Is It Spring Yet? Peek into her thread to see the answer (we think the answer is yes!). Debbiesdaughter shared a beautiful bag in another delightful bold spring hue. We have a brand new “what’s in your bag” conversation in Kate Spade also, and we hope to see lots of goodies in this fun new thread, which is already off to a great start thanks to eehlers. If you haven’t discovered Kate Spade jewelry, be sure to stop in this thread, where we found a terrific selection of whimsical pieces and future classics from this brand. Our favorite is the pretty bow ring prada replica , what is yours?Well, Roundup readers, that closes out this week’s edition of our trip around the PurseForum. We hope you will jump in and join in one of these conversations or find another that suits your fancy. Enjoy your week ahead, stay safe and warm, and we will see you right back here in a week! Happy Weekend!P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon,Neiman Marcus,Nordstrom,or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support!

PurseForum Roundup – February 21

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