Genesis 10: Who stole black history?


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Fake Handbags Genesis 9: 20-Later, Ham grew up, married and had 4 sons, namely; Cush, Mizraim, Phut, Canaan Wholesale Replica Handbags. Genesis 10: Who stole black history?. Why was black history stolen?.
You would expect black people to be asking the above
The brainwashing and subduing of black people began the moment our history was stolen by
Words and phrases that were coined and still being coined to humiliate the black race includes; black day, blackguard, black sheep, black mood, black widow, blackmail, black money, blacklist, black Thursday, black marketeer, blackhead, blackball, black market, black out, black death, black maria, black knight, black Monday, black spot, black economy, black ice, black look, black magic, black mark, black ops, blackout, blackjack, black hole, blackleg, black Wednesday, blackboard jungle, black eye, black
Basically, everything bad was to be associated with blackman/
Black people have no idea the history of a people will determine whether their present would be that of confidence or
It therefore, follows that if you’re proud of your history, it’ll also make you confident and proud of your
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