For women, Spiritualist practices, from seances to spirit

Carl is survived by his wife, Nadine; two daughters, Kathryn Ann (Paul Dean) Eastwood, of North Platte, and Karen Sue Heath Lupomech, of Richmond, Texas; two sons, Jon Alan (Gina), of Grand Island, and Patrick Thomas (Shellie), of Gering; grandchildren, Hillary (Brian) Dunn, of Missouri City, Texas, Shawn Dean (Kiley) Eastwood, of Lincoln, Megan Hynes, of Lino Lakes, Minnesota, Amy (Justin) McMurtry, of Holdrege, Kristen (Joel) Vogel, of Scottsbluff, Holly Heath, of Gering, Annessa Heath, of Grand Island, Mollie (fianc Craig Rion) Balerud and Jared Heath, both of Omaha, Chelsea Eastwood and Sean (Jennifer) Balerud, both of North Platte; great grandchildren, Audrey Dunn, of Missouri City, Texas, Austin Hynes, of Lino Lakes, Minnesota, Johnathon Eastwood, of Lincoln, Ryker Clausen, of Wheatland, Wyoming, Bentlie and Deniar Miles, both of North Platte, Mason, Gunnar and Claira Vogel, all of Scottsbluff, Peyton and Kaylee McMurtry, both of Holdrege, and Aven Heath, of Gering; many nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends; and his dog and best buddy, Toby, who rode in the golf cart with him .

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Replica Hermes The standard bearers of the American occult took a different path. They sought to remake mystical ideas as tools of public good and self help. The most influential trance medium of the nineteenth century, Andrew Jackson Davis called the “Poughkeepsie Seer” after his Hudson Valley, New York, home enthralled thousands with visions of heaven as a place that included all the world’s people: black, white, Indian, and followers of every religion. In early America, the occult and liberalism were closely joined, especially in the movement of Spiritualism or contacting the dead whose newspapers and practitioners were ardently abolitionist and suffragist. For women, Spiritualist practices, from seances to spirit channeling, became vehicles for the earliest forms of religious and political leadership. The first American born woman to become a recognized public preacher was Jemima Wilkinson. In 1776, at age twenty four, she claimed to have died and returned to life as a medium of the Divine spirit, calling herself the “Publick Universal Friend.” The Friend, like the Rhine Valley mystics and Andrew Jackson Davis, remained a Christian. While her claims of supernatural rebirth and spirit channeling fell squarely within the occult framework, her religious perspective was unmistakably Scriptural. For a time, this was the nature of most American occultists (and it would never fully disappear). Few of them expressed any feelings of contradiction between Christian devotion and arcane methods of practice. Eventually, the occult and its acolytes came to branch ever more clearly into a separate and distinct spiritual culture, though not necessarily shedding a Christian moral outlook. Replica Hermes

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