For instance, he said, many African Americans still follow

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Handbags Replica It’s like a sop we try to make up for centuries of neglect.”He described the way white Americans in the past had relegated black history to the story of slavery as a bleaching of history and the significant contributions of people of African descent.”However, Sandstrom is pleased that more inclusive history books, literature and anthologies, and courses are being offered now.Those are probably attempts to make up in a hurry for the long period of neglect,” he said.But he said that, as imperfect as the attempts now to illuminate black history can be, they are critical.There has been significant progress,” he said. To the extent Black History Month serves as a vehicle to popularize and spread [it], there is a real service.”Sandstrom has been director of the University of Hartford’s African American studies program for 10 years.To learn more about African American studies, he recommends Race Matters” by Cornell West and Before the Mayflower” by Lerone Bennett.He said the university welcomes visitors interested in looking into the program’s classes.He mentioned a course being taught by Edwards Keteku of Ghana, Black Impact on Western Civilization.”Sandstrom said many people are unaware of the cultural traditions that have been brought from Africa and have flourished through generations of black people in America.For instance, he said, many African Americans still follow religious and medicinal practices that are rooted in Africa, and have a social orientation that goes back to African patterns toward community.Other highlights of Black History Month in Connecticut include:Middletown: A Replica Handbags monthlong exhibit of paintings, photography and posters from the Mwanga collection will be featured at the Center for African American Studies at Wesleyan University, 343 High St., Middletown. For more information on times for the display of artwork, please call (860) 685 2091. Handbags Replica

Replica Bags At 6 foot 9, Harlem Globetrotter Otis Key, whose team is playing Friday at the Hartford Civic Center, towered over the students as he spun a red, white and blue basketball on his fingertip, rolled it over his shoulder blades and dribbled it through his legs. He also signed photographs for the children and talked to them individually about their interests.I want Fake Designer Bags to thank you for coming here to see me,” Key said to the children. I hope you take something with you Fake Bags today, not only from me but from the people here who love you.” Replica Bags.


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