For former students, homecoming is a chance to see old friends

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canada goose clearance Illinois 38, Minnesota 28. The frustration ends this week. Wisconsin 17, Penn State 13.. EUSTIS Lake County high school alumni and students have reason to celebrate in the coming month as schools host annual football homecoming activities.For current students, homecoming is a chance to create new memories.Last week, Eustis High celebrated its homecoming with a 28 6 victory over the South Lake Eagles to kick off the county’s homecoming season.”It’s an exciting time for the kids,” said Tavares High graduate and football coach George Sneed. “They have a good time with it.”Whether it’s with parades and pep rallies, bonfires or silly dress up days, homecoming week is a chance for students to express their school spirit.Umatilla students dressed in mismatched outfits and hosted pajama day. For bonfire festivities, students also planned a pep rally, pie eating contest, tugs of war and a tricycle race in anticipation of tonight’s game.For former students, homecoming is a chance to see old friends and relive memories of high school glory days.”I like to see all of the people who come back for the football game,” said Umatilla graduate and Assistant Principal Bobby Gibson.He said two different canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose classes already said they were coming.Three county high schools will celebrate homecoming this week: Umatilla, Leesburg and South Lake.For Brian Daigneau, there’s no question where his loyalties lie. canada goose clearance

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