Exercise improves circulation throughout the body

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Edit again: I know it sounds insane to send him a letter to his workplace but tbh i don know anything about him (like his number or email) so I have no way of communicating with him otherwise. I just thought maybe he lost my number or forgot to call me. Also was not able to properly express my feelings to him the last time I saw him, so I did that..

Cupido ended up with three on the night as did Eli McLaughlin, Jeremy Noble and Zack Greer. Noble scored twice as the Mammoth erased an early 6 3 deficit in the second quarter. Ryan Benesch and Jacob Ruest scored twice each while Jordan Gillies, Brad Self, and Stephen Keogh got singles for the Mammoth who now have a bit of momentum as it prepares to host the Calgary Roughnecks in the western division semi final next weekend.


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