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cheap air force East prussia was MORE german than most of the Rhineland territories ever since the northern crusades, in short it was never polish. Even western Poland had a huge cheap aaa quality jordans german minority 40/50% and so the cheap jordans for sale free shipping interwar period for Poland was characterised by ethnic and religious pogroms on both sides, Glacia Lodomeria and what would become western Poland had such significant german populations that Poland almost descended into civil war.I guess Germany could surrender to the allies on the condition that they help them win agains the red menace.The East German republic revolts excessively during the early cold war, giving the Soviet forces many troubles. The Soviet union then allows for reunification, because the barren flatlands of Eastern Germany are not worth the trouble, and not that strategically important to begin with.The Polish borders are natural, which makes them much easier to defend, and so the Soviet Union concentrates their border defenses over there (However keep Knigsberg, due to it being a liability in their defense if it would fall to NATO).During the cold war, Poland gets a much harsher treatment, and an even greater number flee out of the country, most cheap jordans buy online of them to the German Polish regions in Pomerania and Silesia.After the cold war, Eastern Germany is much more prosperous than it is today, and the tensions in the country are not as high as in our timeline, because the East German, West Germans and German cheap jordans big sizes Polish haven been divided by the Iron Curtain for decades.Germany is even more prosperous Cheap Jordans nowadays, and follows an even more socially democratic politic system (comparable to Scandinavia) because the conservative forces could never really play on the xenophobia card cheap nikes and jordans against Easterners cheap jordans and nikes and Poles cheap air force.


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