Do you know why the united states have not invaded this

NORTH KOREA, example of courage, dignity and sovereignty…
Do you know why the united states have not invaded this heroic country?… Because the gringos are used to invading and massacring unarmed and hungry people,…

Hermes Handbags The difference between the Muslim and the Muslim
Author: Habib Ali Zain Al – Abidin Al – Jafri 21 March 2013

The religion of your father Ibrahim is the name of Muslims before).

I read to some that it is an outsider term stuck by secularists who work for the service
and found those who defend the term and see it as true in terms of language and use is from his point of view is called the one who belongs in the starters to the ” To the poor to God on the subject by citing the rule: «No space in the term», and also commented that the term is old, and cited the book «Islamic articles» Imam of the Sunnis and the renewal of the third century AH Abi Hassan al-Ashari mercy »And stopped with comment, First: Respect for the rule of “no space in the term” requires that the term must be freed and knowledge The second is that it must be considered in the context of the use of Imam al-Ashari. The first is the liberation of the term and it is surrounded by ambiguity, which makes it difficult to find real controls for contemporary use
Groups working in the name of Islam today, including a great variation in the definition of the term Even groups of those who hold the title of “Islamists” deny each other!

and those who have been atoned for these are the theoreticians of the Kharijites, and the dispute between them in Gaza to the fighting!

The Iranian revolution is called the Islamic revolution, and the Lebanese Hezbollah called itself “Islamic” resistance, and the “Islamic” group in Egypt considers them infidels and the “Islamic” group in Pakistan!

The Islah Party in Yemen presents itself as an “Islamic” party, while the future of the Sheikh of Salafism in Yemen considered them heretics! And both agree to accuse the movement of the Houthis «Islamic» Zaidi Shiite Shiites! So is the case between the Salvation Front in Algeria and those who are jihadists!

While secularists and liberals combine these groups that do not meetIn one basket and call them «Islamists» to reduce their fate and get rid of them a push
and so the researcher finds himself in the chaos does not find a reliable liberation

Talk about the chaos of terminology is not a luxury of theorizing, but is necessary to seize the real roots > The second result is the context in which the Imam al-Ashari used the term in his book «Islamic articles» is a context completely different from the context of the contemporaries who call themselves Islamists because he fired on each group attributed itself to Islam, and collect their beliefs from their sources to form a monitoring Accurate to their beliefs and beliefs It is possible to distinguish Muslims from these Islamic sects from
and find him mentioning the “Islamists” articles of the great Shiite Shiites such as “Al-Janahiyyah” who believe that the spirit of God was Hermes Replica Belts embodied in Adam and then became entrenched until they dissolved in their Imam and that their Imam is a Lord. Hermes Handbags

Replica Hermes Bags 13 – The deeds in it are more than others. When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was asked about charity, he said: br>
14 – that the best people are in Ramadan, and this is a reality to find him now, in the correct bin Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them said: (The Prophet was the finest people, and was the finest in the 15 – it is a corner of The pillars of Islam, and Islam is only one of him, it is inevitable that he is an infidel, the Almighty said: O you who believe Fast fasting on you as written to those before you “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:” Islam is based on five testimonies that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and the establishment of prayer, the giving of Zakat, the fast of Ramadaan and the pilgrimage of the Sacred House. ”

16 – The abundance of good and good people, and the turnout of people to mosques groups and individual, which is notWe find it in this great blessed month, and it is with regret and regret and regret that we find a strong demand for the houses of God in Ramadan, but in Ramadan, to God Ramadan. Replica Hermes Bags

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