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That day. By the time my mom got off work that day the accident was on every news channel. The only words she could say at that moment was is every mother nightmare She described the lifeless body, wearing nothing but a blood soaked wet swimsuit and the tireless doctors and nurses who fought to save her life. Now a few years have passed and I see a large improvement in her language. Walk the talk!This love of language was passed on to me by my paternal grandmother. Thanks, Granny! Posted by salinemg on Mon, Feb 23, 2009, at 1:40 PMNotgvnascat: I was probably a bit hard on you because I was irked that you had no comment about my post excepting your distaste for a word I had used, and that you had not absorbed the context.I used “that word” (don’t worry you don’t have to see it again) because Go Chiefs had stated he didn’t like my rhetoric.

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