confectionery, confectionery, granola, chocolates, chocobol,

• 350,00 reais

• Natural fruit: Grape, Banana, Abacaixi or Pack 3 – 150 people

• 10 liters of açaí (Natural flavor, strawberry or banana)

• 20 liters of ice cream (Neapolitan, flakes, chocolate, cream and strawberry)

• Types of syrups: Morang chocolate, kiwi, condensed milk, grape, mint, banana and caramel).confectionery, confectionery, granola, chocolates, chocobol, rice flakes, paçoca, peanut, jujube, granulated, delicate, powdered milk, chocolate balls and biscuit.) • Natural fruits: Grape, Banana or
• Glasses of 200ml
• 3 hours of party
• 450,00 reais

9 9026-9576 /
9 9437-4527 / 9 7004-6965
[hidden information] .

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UPDATE – 7:15 AM EST – BVI SDA School -Sea Cows Bay
– Long Trench Community Centre
– – Francis Lettsome Primary School- East End
– Claudia Creque Educational Centre – Anegada
– Church of God of Prophecy – East End
– Zion Hill Methodist Church – West End
– Cane Garden Bay Community Centre
– Cane Garden Bay Methodist Church
– Rainbow Home – Lower Estate
– East End and Long Look Community Centre
– Jost Van Dyke School
– Catholic Community Centre – Virgin Gorda
– North Sound Methodist Church – Virgin Gorda
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1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7
+36 1 338 31 66
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