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I don’t think anyone else outside of Long Beach has Vince Staples’ project in their top 5, and i haven’t heard much praise of Bronson’s album either. Pusha was definitely top 3 of ’18, I understand why Cardi would be 1 and Smino’s project was really really good. I never got around to Janelle Monae’s as there was way to much music released this year! I would’ve added a few others, but I’m not shocked that they aren’t included..

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Don make the mistake I did last time I ordered online I paid extra for tracked NDD with a fake name. Postman asks for signature and I sign my own instead of the name. Obviously it was all a scribbly mess on those outdated gadgets they make you sign on, and the postman didn bother even checking, but in hindsight, I did realize how fucking stupid it was for me to self incriminate myself by signing for a package clearly marked for someone who doesn exist..

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