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Reid realises the virtues of Vieira, ‘best in the world’

At 5ft 7in there are a fair number of footballers that Peter Reid has had to look up to in his time. At 6ft 4in best canada goose jacket for women Patrick Vieira is most certainly one canada goose coat 1000 bulbs promo of them.

At can i put my canada goose jacket in the dryer five o’clock on Saturday, after 93 breathless minutes in which Vieira displayed every one of his many talents, Reid waited for the Arsenal captain as Vieira left the pitch. Given that at the end of the corresponding fixture last season Vieira was sent off in the 90th minute and there was trouble in the tunnel, it seemed ominous that Reid was lurking, chest out, eyes glaring upwards.

Suddenly, though, a smile broke across Vieira’s face. Reid was indeed shouting at him, but Reid was shouting compliments. canada goose coat 1000 bulbs led “I waited for him because I just wanted to say: ‘Son, you’re the best in the world,'” the Sunderland buy a canada goose jacket manager explained. Reid was genuinely thrilled.

You could not argue with him. Vieira was utterly brilliant in this match. Skilful, athletic, fast, accurate, if this newspaper awarded marks out of 10 then Vieira deserved 11. And that includes a missed penalty. “He’s down, but he shouldn’t be down because all big players in the world have missed penalties,” said Arsène Wenger. “He was outstanding today.”

Above all, Vieira was brave. benefits of canada goose jacket In the context of last year’s dismissal, when he was hounded off the park by Darren Williams and then sent off against Liverpool 48 hours later, the stoic nature of Vieira’s endeavour was all the more admirable.

There was no Williams this time, until the 76th minute, but Vieira was met with the equally muscular and relentless presence of Gavin McCann and Stefan Schwarz. McCann, in particular, was all over the Frenchman whenever he could be, the climax of their clean confrontation a 68th-minute 50/50 ball that had everything but Tex Ritter singing High Noon over the Tannoy.

Vieira won it but McCann’s effort was such that both men ended up on the ground for more than a minute’s treatment. Thankfully both got up but McCann departed soon after – dazed.

“The highlight of the game was that tackle,” said Reid, licking his lips. “I’d have paid to watch that on its own.” Wenger did not disagree. “Very English kids,” said Wenger. “I love that.”

That Wenger could see two points dropped – courtesy of Vieira’s 72nd-minute penalty aberration with the score 1-1 – and still be smiling said much about the action overall and Vieira’s contribution especially. Wenger felt moved to say that “Maradona, Pele, Platini and even Bobby Charlton missed penalties”, and classing Vieira in that company seemed nothing like ludicrous.

A reshaped Sunderland – virtually 3-4-3 without Niall Quinn – charged at Arsenal from the beginning with a confidence that has not been seen previously this season. “The aim was to get the crowd behind us,” said Michael Gray. The tactic worked, confirming Wenger’s recent best replica canada goose jacket opinion that Sunderland is louder than Turkey when it comes to hostile noise.

A double save by Richard Wright from Jason McAteer and Julio Arca in the 17th minute kept Arsenal level as Sunderland surged. McCann and Vieira were already deeply ensconced in their personal dual, with McCann performing well. buy canada goose parka uk He could not stop Vieira providing the header from which Nwankwo Kanu hit the crossbar though, nor prevent Vieira’s amazing 30-yard pass to Sylvain Wiltord.

Kanu and Wiltord, preferred on this occasion to Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, combined to give Arsenal a 41st-minute lead. Stanislav Varga’s amateurish mistake allowed Wiltord’s scuffed pass to reach canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet Kanu. The languid one beat Thomas Sorensen once, then Varga. Kanu then lit a fag and had a cup of tea. Sorensen was beaten again and, when he tired of this, Kanu finally decided to lift the ball canada goose coat 1000 calorie into the roof of the net. Hey, what’s all the fuss?

Wiltord, who did not have a good game, then wasted the chance to make it 2-0 after the interval and Sunderland replied through Schwarz, an Arsenal old boy. Persistent harassment from McAteer brought a mistake from Ray Parlour and Schwarz sent a plump volley over Wright and in off the far post.

After Bernt Haas had felled Freddie Ljungberg came Vieira’s penalty but the game ended with a goal at the other end in injury-time. Arca headed past Wright but he was offside. The delirium melted into anger and then appreciation. Reid, for one, understood it all.


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