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Kyleigh Kuhn Model Pictures – Kyleigh Kuhn on #87DaysofVintage Initiative

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The night before my May Day birthday, I found myself whipping up a website to rally my pals to join me in only wearing vintage (or clothes we already own) for 87 days as an homage to my birth year. Though I am a professional model, I’ve worked on agriculture projects in Afghanistan withRoots of Peace, the non-profit my family started, since I was 18. (We recover former minefields into bountiful orchards and vineyards, and train farmers in techniques that help to increase their yields and connect them to local and international markets.) On my travels to war-torn areas, I’ve encountered tons of kids who are lucky to own a single jacket. It has become increasingly difficult to reconcile that reality with our culture of conspicuous consumption. – Continue Reading BelowThe bday goal was simple: going vintage has zero impact on the environment, supports local thrift shops, and helps combat the trend toward disposable fashion. By the end of the three-month experiment, my friends and I will have hopefully crafted leaner and greener wardrobes. I’m only three weeks in, but have been digging it so much that I’ve already considered extending the project for a year. Dude, why not?! Save money, save Mother Earth, unload your unworn items at thrift shops gigglegeek , and build a more unique vintage-inspired wardrobe—that’s some quadruple bottom line goodness if I’ve ever heard of it.Growing up, my friends were thrift store mavens who showed me the ropes. Scouring the Bay Area racks for vintage Pendleton skirts and secondhand LJ’s (the crew’s code name for leather jackets) was our version of being mall rats. Angsty hipster youth? Maybe so, but as we grew out of hunting for perfectly-worn-in Grateful Dead T-shirts, we were able to hone in on our individual styles and build more mature wardrobes based mostly on thrifted finds or things we swapped with one another. What began as us finding a way to stay trendy on a budget grew into a passion for finding quality, unique gems.Getty Images – Continue Reading BelowFrom left to right, Kühn wears a thrifted flower skirt, $10; plaid skirt, $15; blue, hand sewn skirt and top, $18. I’ve worn my vintage ensembles to red carpet events and fashion shows loads of times, and I swear those are the outfits over which folks swoon the most. No compliment about my style satisfies me more than when someone comments on something I found at a thrift shop—especially when I’m at an event where everyone else is dripping in pricey new designer items. Seriously, if you haven’t yet experienced this joy, you are missing out. It’s like you somehow cheated the system by snagging a high quality dress for less than $20—and that $20 is usually a donation to a worthy cause like AIDS research or Hospice Care, whatever the thrift store chooses to support. A quick public service announcement: our lust for new fashion is seriously dehydrating our planet—the industry is the second leading water user in the world. And for every new T-shirt we buy, we’re dumping out ¾ cup of chemicals and pesticides. Not only is relying on what’s already out there the greenest fashion that exists, but it is often the most affordable. If you’re thinking, ‘Umm yeah. I’ve been on this train for years: It’s called a budget!’ I feel ya, babe. Let’s be real, overconsumption is the obvious vice for those with disposable incomes. But no matter where we fall on the clothes hoarder spectrum canada goose , we can all join forces to shift the fast fashion culture toward celebrating clothes that are already made. – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowAfter all, Mama Earth suffers whether our new tags say Prada or H&M.Meg Haywood SullivanIn my opinion, something that has been worn before doesn’t lose its value. When I spotted a ’60s-era letterman jacket from my alma mater, UC Berkeley, tucked away at my favorite vintage warehouse (Aubergine in Sebastopol, Calif.), I swear I got heart palpitations. Someone had hand embroidered ‘track’ in yellow on the lapel! The pleather imitation we’ve all seen a million times in a million stores—maybe with some random date or initials slapped on it—would’ve cost me the same amount: $35. But there’s no essence in the imitation jacket, no love, no magic. It lacks a story. And where’s the cool in that?Allow me to let you in on some hard-earned tips I’ve learned along the way: – Continue Reading Below1. Alter: If you have some extra room in your budget, get your thrift finds altered. It makes a world of difference and allows you to snag that gorgeous dress that might be a size or two off. Yelp the most badass tailor in your area—you’ll be surprised by how much an inch here or there can transform your rags into gems. If you bring in several pieces at once, sometimes the tailor will give you a discount.2. Dye: I realized that I hardly ever wear bright-colored shirts. I go wild on skirts, and am definitely not shy of crazy printed pants, but when it comes to tops, I never end up wearing the shirts I own that are bright or patterned. So, instead of buying more neutral colored shirts, I just dyed a ton of them black or indigo. Super easy! Dyeing a piece dark is a great solution for stained items too.3. Donate: Pay it forward to a thrift store where someone else can claim your cast offs as their new beloveds. For extra karma sprinkles: Choose a thrift store with a cause that resonates with you. I highly recommend taking inventory of all of the clothes you’re workin’ with. You might realize you have, like, 15 pairs of jeans…Dude, no one needs 15 pairs of jeans. Eliminate ze excess.Okay, ready vintage bandits? Give it a whirl by going all #87daysofvintage with me. Three months ain’t that long. You got this.

Kyleigh Kuhn Model Pictures – Kyleigh Kuhn on #87DaysofVintage Initiative

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