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A fundamental option represents a turning point in your life. It can come at any time, as entropy hustles you along the path of least resistance from your commitment to an idealized vision of your life toward that brick wall (or, alternatively, that abyss) that awaits you along your chosen (however unfortunate) course. Choices must be made serious choices, choices with serious consequences. There is a Merchant House which you can find on the first floor. It is an exhibit of how a merchant living room looked like in the past. The wool merchants were one of the richest people as they exported cloth to Europe and the Far East but their living room was plain and simple. Men tend to see life as a series of contests they must conquer to maintain personal status. When a man sees a beer commercial he thinks, can I achieve that lifestyle? A woman who sees the same commercial thinks something completely different. Men are also likely to think in a linear manner and validate themselves though their accomplishments, while women are likely to validate themselves through their relationships.. Today, the Estee Lauder biography is one of extreme significance. The company employs more than 26,000 people, earns billions of dollars in revenue each year, and operates such other hugely popular brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Donald Trump, Missoni, Tom Ford, and Sean John. William Lauder, grandson of the company original founder, currently serves as CEO, President and Executive Director of Estee Lauder Companies Inc..

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