But the three letters that once gripped the Western world in

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SANDY HAUSMAN, BYLINE: In the mountains of Appalachia, farming and forestry are big, and the region relies heavily on immigrants from Mexico and Latin America to trim and harvest its vines and fruit trees. In Harrisonburg, Va., for example, nearly 20 percent of the population identifies as Hispanic. In Winchester, it’s just over 17 percent.

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All that happens with a taunt is that you put on top of the threat meter. So you get hit. Back when Vengeance was a thing that meant you would be generating more threat. Via FanGraphs, we see just how those SIXTEEN Dodgers fared in 2015. You know about Kershaw and Greinke, who combined for 35 wins and 14.5 Wins Above Replacement. Next are Anderson and Bolsinger, who combined for about 3 WAR.

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