But even today, with our 49 buy canada goose jacket percent

canada goose clearance sale Excerpts from interview with GE’s Jeff Immelt

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut (Reuters) Jeff Immelt admits to a few regrets over the nearly 10 years he has spent at the helm of General Electric Co, mainly not selling the company former insurance arm quicker and allowing GE Capital to grow as large as it did.

General canada goose uk black friday Electric Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt speaks during an interview with Reuters in his office at GE Corporate Headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut in this Canada Goose Coats On Sale May 9, 2011 file photo. Even a casual look at the history of General Electric Co during its decade with Immelt at the helm reads like a chronology of the major crises of the start of the 21st century. REUTERS/Mike Segar/Files

canada goose black friday sale But he also argues that the conglomerate he runs today which aims to generate 60 to 70 percent of its profit from its core industrial businesses, making and maintaining heavy equipment, is in the best position to grow profit that it has been in a decade.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Below are a some quotes from a Canada Goose Outlet recent Reuters interview with Jeff Immelt.

On restructuring the company:

was no second when I was canada goose factory sale CEO when I felt like insurance was a good fit for GE. It took us five years to exit it, but I don feel that way about any of the businesses we in today.

canada goose coats day when we owned NBC, I woke up kind of paranoid that something was going to replace that business model. And in many ways the industry has proven to cheap canada goose uk be much more resilient than I thought it would be. But even today, with our 49 buy canada goose jacket percent investment, I look at the audience every night, I still get the ratings and I look at the dissipation of audience over time and it still freaks me out.

basically have a company today that best fits what I view as being GE core competencies and in some way all of them have some secular tailwinds that I think can propel them over the next uk canada goose outlet five, ten, 15 years. So that why I so positive about the portfolio.

canada goose coats on sale basically sold half the company that GE was when I became CEO. The only confusion that investors can have today is does canada goose coats on sale financial services fit with infrastructure? In the end I not the judge, they the judge. But it a much simpler canada goose company than it was ten years ago. Much simpler.

canada goose clearance On GE underperforming shares:

don like where the stock is today, I think being in financial services, particularly with the kind of the GE Capital business model during the financial crisis, clearly that has hurt us the worst and has been a source of frustration, I sure, for investors and the leadership team

. at one point in the history of GE we were overvalued. That not true today.

work without a contract, I know I got to perform. Over the last decade when I been CEO we earned the third most money of any company in the world. From an operating and execution standpoint we done OK but I think we can do better in the future and we have the type of businesses that can help us do that.

Canada Goose Jackets burden is on us to be more transparent, which we tried to do. The burden is on us to be buy canada goose jacket cheap as cheap Canada Goose simple as we can be. But basically today if you take our earnings that are infrastructure we probably get the same P/E (price to earnings ratio) on that set of earnings that UTX (United Technologies Corp) does and if you take our earnings from financial services we canada goose clearance probably get a slightly better P/E than the financial services industry does. I don think we been unfairly harnessed by a complexity factor. And our job is to grow earnings equal to or greater than the S 500 and let the rest take care of itself.

On Canada Goose Online the decision to stop giving profit forecasts:

canadian goose jacket are smart. They don really need guidance to judge your company. That what I learned the most is that the T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, people like that, they really don need it. They can build their own models, they know when you winning and losing and smart investors really don need guidance.

Canada Goose online On scaling back GE Capital:

Canada Goose sale we would do almost anything to make a buck in financial services, I going back Canada Goose online 30 years here. We didn do trading, we didn take currency risk, we never did any of that stuff. But we went from being a Canada Goose Jackets big mid market lender to being big in insurance. We built a big private equity book at one point in time. uk canada goose We expended more broadly in consumer finance. Almost all of those things over a decade or more got us too diluted from what we were really best at.

Canada Goose Outlet size was really what our biggest mistake was.

On the role of canada goose coats M in growing GE:

Canada Goose Parka view is that basically canada goose coats we shouldn think about acquisitions canada goose uk shop as what going to move the canada goose uk outlet needle for GE. In the end what moves the needle for GE is technology, productivity. Big themes China or Brazil or things like that.

buy canada goose jacket On getting his managers to take risks:

canada goose of the things that professional managers are worst at is investing. Your career gets built on momentum and things like that and sometimes we don do as good a job of teaching people how to take swings. It not infrequent that I a catalyst, to say, don we do it this way or why don we take this approach?

On the move canada goose black friday sale of Vice Chairman John Rice to Hong Kong:

cheap Canada Goose can say, need to decentralize, but we not going to take a big decision and let it be made by a Canada Goose sale low level person. Canada Goose Parka We just not set up to do that. What we can do is have big decisions made by creditable and experienced people and we now moved all those people to the regions.

canada goose deals On GE response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis:

all going to learn a lot once the post mortem is done but my sense is that https://www.canadagoosesale.info the technology worked canada goose store as it was designed to work. And people a long canadian goose jacket time ago 30 to 40 canada goose clearance sale years ago actually did a pretty good job. We learn what to do with spent fuel pools or remote power. We learn a lot as we go through the industry. But I thought our team did a good job.


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