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Hermes Handbags The script is the real problem of this dub though. At times it very clumpy, cluttered and rough. At you can really hear the actors tripping over their lines. I had the same bag for over three years now. I plan to use it for quite a while longer.Even if a $40 bag lasted just three months (which is unrealistcally short), a LV bag would have to last 97.5 months, or more than 8 years of every day use, to be a comparable value.Again, this is with an unrealistcally short lifespan of just 3 months. If we bump it up to 6 months, not the LV has to last 16 years.Long answer: Of course there are no discounts, its a POS cheap purse that is sold for 1300$ for the recognition value so that people will see and go “wow that is a 1300$ purse!”.The fact she is leeching that off of you rather then buy it with money she worked for is a huge red flag, and she is only a GF now Hermes Handbags.


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