As we inched our way through morning rush hour traffic for an

Fandango comes out after the break to face Khali.95. Natalya looks good in green.96. Fandango wants Khali to pronounce his name correctly.97.

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Beginning of the third quarter

O Allah, send blessings upon our master Muhammad Nur al-Huda and the leader to the good and the advocate to the rational prophet of mercy and in front of the righteous and the Messenger of the Lord of the Worlds No prophet after him as your message and advised your slaves and Tala Iak and set your limits and in your covenant and implement your rule and obey your obedience and forbade your disobedience and to your guardian who loves to follow and normal enemy that you love to be hostile and peace be upon our master Muhammad O God, pray on his body in the body and his soul in the lives and on His position on the situation and his scene in the scenes and his mention if the prayer of us to our Prophet, peace be upon him peace and peace and peace be upon the Prophet and mercy of Praise be to Allah and blessings and blessings of God be upon your close angels and on your prophets and the messengers and on your apostles messengers and on the campaign of your throne and on our Lord Gabriel and our master Michael and our Lord Israafil and Lord of death and Lord Radwan Khazen Jntk and our master Malik and pray to the honorable writers and pray To the people of your obedience to all the people of the heavens and the earth. Oh God, come to the people of the house of your prophet, the best of what you have come to, you have not received any of the owners of the messengers. Allah forgive the believers, the believers, the Muslims and the Muslims who live among them and the dead and forgive us and our brothers who preceded us by faith. Hermes Replica Belts

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78- This nation is God’s martyrs in the earth. 79 – like in the previous books (like in the Bible and like them in the Bible).

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There was a man crying on the grave… The Faqih said to him:

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