Anything, from music to food, to history books and especially

Voodoo Creek excerpt 1

By Patrick BAHZAD

It was 8 am only, moncler outlet store but the sun was already high in the sky. Grabbing a bath towel, Basquier was about to go for the showers, after his morning jog. It had been two weeks already since he had joined Fleischer and the rest of the group. Around him, the small FOB was getting busy. “Voodoo Creek”, that was the name Fleischer had come up for it. A fitting description for a dozen housing containers that looked almost lost in that dried up valley, surrounded cheap moncler jackets by a double wire fence, somewhere near the air base.

No shower then today, was Basquier’s first thought. He turned around, threw the towel unto his bed and started getting dressed. Outside, he could hear Fleischer knocking on another container door.

moncler outlet store Soubeyran, wake up, come on. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet For or a minute or so, nothing happened, but then Basquier heard someone opening the door. He cheap moncler outlet had a quiet laugh while putting on his desert fatigue. Soubeyran had been out all night, meeting one of his “girlfriends'” as he used to call them. moncler outlet

Jesus, man, you look like shit, was Fleischer’s reaction as he probably saw Soubeyran’s unshaven face peeking through the container door.

cheap moncler jackets Soubeyran was from the Cvennes Moutains in the South of France. Those mountain folks had a reputation as a moncler sale tough people and Soubeyran was no exception, although he had picked another line of work than sheep farming, like his dad. cheap moncler jackets

moncler mens jackets The Cvennes mountaineers were rather short usually, but Soubeyran was a giant, even by normal standards. His arms were as thick as the trunk of an old oak tree of moncler outlet uk his native Cvennes. With his shaven head and the scar on his right moncler outlet online cheek, he definitely was moncler jacket sale no pretty sight, and that had earned him a nickname he hated and thus had to endure on a daily basis, “Pretty Boy”. moncler mens jackets

All right, boss, I’m coming, said cheap moncler Soubeyran in a deep, slow voice.

buy moncler jackets Basquier moncler factory outlet could almost smell the whisky stench from inside the other container. buy moncler jackets

moncler outlet sale Fuck that, was Fleischer’s immediate answer. You been drinking all night again with that hooker of yours? I told you to cut it out. Get a grip on yourself, man. moncler outlet sale

moncler sale outlet Sorry boss, won’t happen again. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler coats Where’s the Confederate by the way? cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler sale Checking the gear, I suppose. moncler outlet jackets cheap moncler sale

The Confederate. Another nickname for another character. Pierre Andr de la Tour, by moncler outlet his real name, was a former Navy Commando who had a passion for anything having to do with cheap moncler jackets sale the South and the Confederation. Anything, from music to food, to history books and especially belt buckles carrying a Confederate flag.

cheap moncler outlet Strange for the youngest son of a family of eight, raised strictly Catholic and brought up in the belief that French aristocracy still had a special place and a mission to fulfil in the French Republic. cheap moncler outlet

All right, Pretty Boy, said Fleischer as he walked away from the containers. You get the Confederate on your way to my office. Things are moving, so you better get going too.

monlcer down jackets Some ten minutes later, the meeting started in the sticky little office container Fleischer called his “headquarters”. The air was already burning hot and the ceiling fan which was turning at full speed did nothing to make it any better. monlcer down jackets

Fleischer was sitting at his desk, a thick file open in front of him. The three other men Basquier, Soubeyran and de la Tour had barely managed to find enough space for their wooden chairs. They were sitting opposite their boss, waiting for the news they had been expecting for more than a week already.

Gentlemen, said Fleischer with a large smile on his face, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is they found our man The bad news is, we have been instructed to get to it moncler jackets outlet tonight.

Basquier raised an eyebrow, while Soubeyran scratched his bald head and de la Tour just smiled back at his boss, but none of the three men uttered even a single word. When the boss discussed business, he didn’t like being interrupted, especially not to hear any complaints.

cheap moncler Fleischer stoop up and took a step to his left, pointing a finger at the large map that was hanging from the wall. The Moncler Outlet name of a small town had been pencilled in with a magic marker, next to the photograph of a man with grey hair and a beard. cheap moncler

It’s been confirmed, it’s him, said Fleischer, looking right down at Basquier.

moncler outlet online You positive? Sayid Tawab is there? moncler outlet online

The guys at SIGINT have analysed all mobile phone communications to and from his daughter’s place. They’re absolutely sure it’s him. You got his file?

moncler moncler sale outlet sale Yep, replied Basquier. moncler sale

Good, take his photograph with you and make sure it’s him tonight. I don’t want any fuck ups. You’re leaving at 1400 sharp.


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