“Another type of airport scanner uses “millimeter wave”

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cheap Canada Goose Obama’s early life was decidedly chaotic and replete with traumatic and mentally bruising dislocations. Mixed racemarriages were even less common then. His parents went through adivorce when he was an infant (two years old). Seeing doctor decline airport full body scan sparked correspondent’s curiosityShe asked other doctors randomly about whether they submit to “backscatter” scansTSA says multiple studies have shown that scanners’ radiation canada goose shop uk levels are safe.(CNN) I was in the security line at canada goose outlet near me an airport a few months ago when I watched a fellow passenger canada goose outlet miami do something I’d never seen done before: canada goose outlet in toronto He dissed the scan.”I’d like to opt out,” he said, as a security agent went scurrying for a male agent to give this man a canada goose outlet washington dc full body canada goose outlet us pat down, the requirement for anyone who refuses to go through the full body scanner.Wow, I thought, this man really must want to avoid the scanner if he’s willing to get groped by a total stranger.The Transportation Security Administration says the so called backscatter scans, canada goose outlet parka which emit a small amount of radiation, are safe. “Multiple independent studies have confirmed that the technology used to protect passengers when they fly is safe for their health,” says canada goose outlet store new york TSA spokesman Nicholas Kimball. “TSA takes many precautions to regularly verify that all machines are operating properly.”Another type of airport scanner uses “millimeter wave” technology, which uses electromagnetic waves and has not raised the same level of public concerns as the backscatter scans.So why all the worry? In my obnoxious journalist way, I pounced on the guy to ask him why he’d done it. cheap Canada Goose

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