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Had not defeated a team that finished with a winning record since 2012 (Indianapolis Colts); had not defeated a playoff team since 2012 (Indianapolis Colts); had not defeated a division champion since 2011 (Baltimore Ravens); had not defeated a division champ on the road since 2007 (Pittsburgh Steelers); had not had a winning record since 2007 (11 7 in 2007); had not won a playoff game since 2007; had not been to the AFC championship game since 1999; and 41% of the Jaguars’ victories over the previous six seasons (9 of 22) came against teams that by season’s end won just four or fewer games. In other words, teams with a winning percentage of no better than.250. Whereas this season, four of Jacksonville 10 regular season wins came against teams with winning records either in playoff contention or had already clinched a playoff berth on the last day of the season.

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and made you leaning on your right and leaning on the Shamlk
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There is a sensibility to it that is pleasing, because it’s only meant for one thing to write something. It doesn’t show you pictures. Unless it’s electric, you don’t have to plug it in.

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