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canada goose store I 20F had sex with a 21 male virgin last night and it was honestly the best sex of my life

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I (20F) had sex with a (21) male virgin last night and it was honestly canada goose black friday sale the best sex of my life.

canada goose clearance sale I’ve been seeing this guy for a little over two weeks and felt like we were really clicking both emotionally and physically. Originally I had hesitations about the idea of sleeping with him because I’ve had a rough sexual past and can’t really remember a time Canada Goose Outlet when sex canada goose uk outlet actually felt comfortable and good to me. I was also a little unsure because he seemed SO inexperienced (never given or received oral, never touched a woman below the waist, not a lot of experience kissing either) and I was honestly afraid that sex would not be uk canada goose fun for either of us and intended on buy canada goose jacket keeping it off the table for a while.

But BOY was I wrong! After a fun night of playing games Canada Goose Online and hanging out with his friends, he carried me into his bedroom and proceeded to give me the best sex I’ve ever canada goose uk shop had! It was nothing like the sex I’ve had before. There was no pain, no awkwardness and we were even able to try positions I’ve never been in before! Not only did I feel great, but the look on his face when he realized he was actually giving me pleasure during his first time was super heartwarming.

canada goose Has anyone else experienced some great sex with a guy during his first time?

canada goose black friday sale EDIT: I very happy that this post blew up the way that it did. It makes me smile to think that the story may be encouraging canada goose clearance to men who are nervous or fearful about not performing well their first time!

buy canada goose jacket It also seems like a Canada Goose Parka lot of people are skeptical as to whether or not the guy was telling the truth. While I think that a valid concern to have, I fairly confident that it wasn the case. When the foreplay started he definitely needed help at first with knowing where to put his hands and and how to do other things. His roommates/friends were also quick to imply that they knew he was a virgin, and I saw a few messages pop up on his phone in the morning from the roommates congratulating him on losing the v card. That and the fact that it sounded like a porno being played on loudspeakers. In the end I suppose everyone could be lying to me, but I highly doubt it and felt that he was definitely being sincere. 🙂

cheap Canada Goose For those who are asking, I think a lot of factors went into the fact that the sex was so good compared to anything I ever had before. We seemed to really be connecting emotionally over the last several days and had even gone on a Valentine date. I shared with him the story of a bad sexual encounter in my past I explained to him how difficult it was for me to relax and how much I needed foreplay and how some previous partners had been kind of stingy in that department. He listened to what I said and last night he spent a long canada goose time massaging me, holding me, kissing me and going canada goose factory sale down on me.

Canada Goose sale For some reason, I just felt so comfortable and good with him that I was pretty much begging for it. I mentioned in a comment that I tend to clench up during penetration, but not with him. After putting on a condom, he was able to slide right in and that was that! I Canada Goose sale don know what came over me, but I have never felt so truly good during sex as I did last night. I not ashamed to say that I was scratching, screaming, canada goose clearance sale and moaning like a crazy person and he loved every minute of it. Even though he was inexperienced and slipped out a few times, we just took it as a chance to flip over and cheap canada goose uk go at it from another angle. It turned out that we were being much louder than uk canada goose outlet we thought we were and everyone ended buy canada goose jacket cheap up hearing us. But I think that only added to the canada goose coats on sale excitement and his sense of pride the next morning. canada goose coats It was fun to overhear his buddies making fun of him in the kitchen and and pretending to moan his name in the style of my voice as he made me breakfast Canada Goose online and I lounged around in his bed.


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