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32F with a high sex drive dating a 34M with a low one

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I have a high sex drive. I want to have sex at least once a day or every other day and often more than once a day. I am super attracted to my boyfriend canada goose outlet 2015 and when we have sex, it is phenomenal.

When we first started dating we would have sex twice a day, everyday. We haven’t been together very long (less than a year) and it’s already to the point where we only have sex canada goose outlet store uk once every three days or so.

Canada Goose sale He doesn’t initiate any more but will still touch me sexually (rub my butt, play with my boobs and nipples), but when I try canada goose outlet florida to escalate it, I get rejected. I have tried dressing up to surprise him and the few times I have he’ll kiss me and tell me how great I look but never takes me to the bedroom to act on anything. I try sending him nudes/ dirty texts at work and he seems into them but again, when he gets home, nothing comes of it. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats on sale It’s really effecting my self esteem at this point. I try to not focus on it because he says he’s attracted to me and that he loves me. For a while he would feign an illness when I would try to initiate, like he has a headache or a stomach ache or didn’t get any sleep, etc. He hasn’t done that recently (I called him out on it). He canada goose outlet nyc claims it’s the canada goose outlet uk normal stressors that are causing his low libido family/ work/ weight gain. But isn’t doing anything about going to the gym or trying to fix anything with his family or his disinterest in his work. He did start taking supplements that are supposed to increase it, they seemed to work for a few days but that doesn’t appear to be helping any more. canada goose coats on sale

I know I can’t change his libido and I’m hoping this is temporary because I don’t think I could live the rest of my life constantly feeling insecure and sexually rejected. I try not to take it personally but it’s a constant throught in the back of my brain.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to approach this or how to decrease a female sex drive? I know mine is high, but twice a week seems like too little for me. We also live together and work very similar work schedules so there’s no lack of time and distance isn’t a factor.

This turned into a bit of a vent session which wasn’t my intention. The rest of our relationship is perfect and that’s why I am looking for a solution rather than moving on.

uk canada goose outlet TLDR: female with a high sex drive looking for advice on how to handle it, partner has a low driveThe person with the lower libido is in control. The natural level will be an average. But if its lower than yours and this by itself makes you unhappy seriously move on. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose uk shop I have read so many of these posts. They are so sad. I wish people knew this about themselves and shared this with new partners. Because it so important. canada goose uk shop

I am now having sex once a week. If I am lucky. We used to several times a week. I want to shoot myself. (Not really)

uk canada goose Read some Dan Savage advice column about this. Consider an open relationship or some other outlet. Because he isn gonna change. You either cope or something because the more you pressure him and make sex something that is forced, the more he will reject and resent it. uk canada goose

I love the pizza analogy. You love pizza. He likes it. If you asked to have pizza cheap canada goose everyday of the week where he wants it once a week you will have resentment.


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