About an hour passes as the police get ready/ evacuate other

Paddock’s girlfriend says shooter would lie in bed moaning

“She said he would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, my God, one of the former officials said.No shit. Would be an odd presentation for any one of the mental illnesses that might make you have night terrors or cry out in your sleep to NOT manifest during daytime hours. Then again, it a really fucking odd thing for a canada goose uk senior citizen to apparently hold it together for the most part for more than 60 years, before accumulating a bunch of guns and planning a mass shooting. No one else has come forward to say, “Yeah, that guy was batshit for a long time,” or anything like what you would expect for someone who apparently had regular contact with the outside world.What is rare is for someone who mentally ill to the point of committing an atrocity to somehow hover under the radar for 60+ years. The whole canada goose outlet in canada thing would make total sense to me if this guy was 20 35 years old. Sixty four years old is what makes canada goose outlet it a completely new and abnormal phenomenon. It would be buy canada goose uk weird if dude snapped at that canada goose outlet in vancouver age and shot 5 people at the mall. It incredibly fucking weird that he committed the largest mass shooting in modern American history. Barring a brain tumor or sudden degenerative disease, one does not usually go through life as “just a guy,” accumulating no criminal record or history of violence, making really decent money, being really organized mentally, and then breaking bad as a senior citizen.That not a thing. That brand new. This guy wasn your average 65 year old guy in any way. Independently wealthy for a large part of his life, reportedly went decades without speaking to siblings and family, enough money to do as he pleased. How on earth anyone assumes he was “just a normal guy until about a month ago” is beyond me.He had the means, and moreover, the privacy to live whatever kind of life he wanted. He just didn catch anyone attention, that all.With enough money to keep a roof over your head and relatively nice, clean clothes, (and, what seems to be a kept lady friend) a person stay out of the kind of “trouble” that people with mental illnesses (or not so benign personalities) can often find themselves in. Average canada goose outlet vancouver mass shooter is a young dude with zero prospects, with a history of violent or (at the very least) “off” behavior, often living at canada goose jacket outlet home, with an overbearing mother, adjustment issues, few (if any) friends, very little means, employed (if employed) in a menial job, and these guys usually tell someone about their plans (even in a joking way that only becomes significant after the fact). Or a radicalized young dude (they come in various flavors).This is a 60 year old man with plenty of money, no history of violence, a girlfriend, with no apparent radical political or religious views, who apparently was at least on speaking terms with his family, and who people thought was a little reclusive but not outwardly batshit.That a crazy aberration and not the norm AT ALL. People violent impulses/actions generally decline by a huge factor after age 40, 45. This guy made something of himself, had social contact and support, and went from a humdrum life to mass murder at the age of 64. I mean jacketstockk if you compare the number of young male mass shooters to all young males they incredibly rare too.My point being, just canada goose outlet kokemuksia because canada goose outlet paypal we have like 5 young male mass shooters and 1 older male mass shooter, doesn mean that there has to be some special explanation for the older male one. I work with and on behalf of people with mental illnesses, so I definitely have a bias based on my own experience with these individuals, their caseworkers, their records, etc. The whole thing would make total sense to me if we were talking about a 25 35 year old. Not exhibiting ANY signs of mental illness or violent urges, at least to the point that, almost a week after the shooting, no one but his girlfriend has said anything of note about this guy, is fucking weird. Being 64 and suddenly doing something totally inexplicably violent and rage canada goose outlet ottawa induced is weird. Money is not enough to adequately compensate for the usual presentation and progression of potentially violent forms of mental illness.I think, based on the evidence presented thus far, that it was this guy and this guy alone that did it. He had cameras in the hallway to check for police.Guard was helping locate the shooter, was first to the door.Shooter shot through the door and injured the guard.Shortly after he stopped shootingBecause he was no longer shooting, the police took a more cautious approach to breaching the room. Because they don want to die if they don have to. Room could be booby trapped etc. About an hour passes as the police get ready/ evacuate other guests. Then they blow the door. They find the shooter shot himself.

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