Final Campaign for Miss Nikki Thailand
This round will find the winner. Will be open to vote. Make friends with you. Miss Nikki Award’s SS2 ♥♥♥♥

(There may be 13 people if the score is ranked. 12 with 13 equal) 5 people —- 1st winner 1 Honorable Member 1 Honorable Mention 1 (5 will be everyone) I can play again. – There are 3 members, 30 people each.

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so nine kinds of points.

a, bright light margin margin solution
answer person: that in light with Jerneh good take, and light all all adhimoksha. What is this “light and clear solution”? It is the bright phase of this sun-and-moon lantern, which is of course the light of the sun. The Nikki of Dairy Princess Love. Every day, no more than 20:30.

55 points
editing special effects and introducing 15 chapters

5 points)
Submit the first task of the day. Replica Handbags

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