2 billion / 2 bedroom Full interior high
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Hermes Handbags 6th Element Apartment C51 Ministry of Public Security – Nguyen Van Huyen Street ₫ 2,000,000 – Ha Noi

Tay Ho Tay Apartment – C51 Ministry of Public Security – 6Th Element View Park – Lake Harmony of Nguyen Van Huyen length 58m
interest rate 0%, grace period 12 months
price from 2.2 billion / 2 bedroom Full interior high
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PROJECT INFORMATION – Investor: Bac Ha Group – C51 Ministry of Public Security
Location : Lot 17 – HH1, West Lake West New Town, Total area: 34,372 m2
Construction density: 39.5%
Scale of project: 2 towers M and D height 38 floors – Area: 59 – 82 – 87 -109 m2
HOAN UTILITIES HOSPITALITY: Four-season infinity pool, business center, gym, spa
community area, kindergarten, shops, offices for rent
Sports: badminton, basketball

Children’s play area, water music, flower garden
Invested many modern system to enjoy the health of residents: drinking water system, three-layer glass system soundproof, heat insulation, anti-radiation
Security 3 layers to ensure safety and privacy for residents Managed by PMC, international standard management unit, ensuring quality of life LINKS HOAN HAO < Connect with 3 most desirable urban areas in Hanoi: Star Lake, Ciputra, Ciputra, 40m and 58m Nguyen Van Huyen street. Connect with Vo Chi Cong and Hoang Quoc Viet routes. Many schools meet national standards right away Near the project: Cau Giay Secondary School, Nghia Do, Dich Vuong - FLEXI DESIGN - Area: 59 - 82 - 87 -109 - 165 - 197 - 262 m2 - Design from 2-4 bedroom, 2 logia, 2 airy natural welcome. Hermes Handbags

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