And a communal area ★ Location: Near the roundabout between Le


Apartment for sale at Park View Residence – Ha Dong District – Hanoi Price: Description of property: ★★★ Park View Residence Duong Noi enters the final stage: Preparing for the opening of the sample house, only 9 floors of the last apartment is entitled to borrow package + Final draw for 16 gifts 1 + 9 floor apartment J-the most beautiful building sub-zone is about to launch in the last round (2,4,5 , 11,15,16,17,18,21 price increase 3-5% when finished home Contact PKD right to register to visit the sample and order CH before the price increase Hotline: > ★ Parkview Residence Residence is known as a great retreat, a hot spot attracting the attention of organizations and INDIVIDUALS FOR PROPERTY AND INFRASTRUCTURE (The direct result of creating value for life) ★ The project consists of 3 25-storey buildings with first floor serving as a service. Kindergarten, pharmacy, mini supermarket, cafe,… And a communal area ★ Location: Near the roundabout between Le Trong Tan and To Huu (or Le Van Luong long).

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