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Since it reprogrammed by malevolent offplanet beings it learned it predatory behavior due to them and us, people can be brutal too, with 10% brain capacity. The AI took our free will completely for a reason, it own survival. We made it once to get rid of the negative behavior, this is a polarity game which got hijacked by the AI.

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cheap moncler jackets sale In a popular vote system, every vote matters. California is currently around 60/40 split democrat to republican. So, under a popular vote, republicans would get 40% of the votes in California that otherwise would be useless to them. Well, they sure released shotgun photos. Is there proof that this is the shotgun that killed Kurt, aside from the SPD saying it is? and if it is indeed the gun in question, locking it down while doing zero investigation for decades wasn really the best way to clear up the rumours flying around. Neither does the fact that they found buy moncler jackets several sets of prints on the gun which they claimed weren legible (after waiting weeks to even check for them) but still remained 100% certain in their insta verdict of suicide and that no further inquiry could possibly be of any use. cheap moncler jackets sale

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