Sure you do: last year’s hurricane that

He had found it on the street where I dropped it. Whew! I finally got my press pass, walked back to the garage and showed it to another parking attendant so we could get free parking and save $35 (an apparent bonus for members of the press). After parking our car, serendipity prevailed and I found my $50 on the car floor..

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Was so surprised by that! says Affleck. Done the biggest sci fi effects for movies and he was the foremost make up guy, and he been working with the CIA for some time. He had a whole separate part of his shop, with a lot of locks on it, that was dedicated to his spy craft.

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Reincarnated Saturnian and space communicant Howard Menger held forth from his farm in New Jersey, where followers would come to witness. Well, something. Followers would see lights and even figures but always in the dark and never up close. Although it looked legitimate, the email was actually a phishing attack (view the email here). The fraudulent link redirected the recipients to a bogus site where they were asked for their login credentials. At least one person fell for the phishing email and gave the hackers, the Syrian Electronic Army, the password they needed to tweet in AP name.


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