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Often we would like to access the internet from a different IP address, either because certain websites are accessible from where we are, or to preserve our anonymity. This is the main motivation behind the use of proxy servers, computers which we can access through the web and use to access websites of our choice. Mozilla Firefox has this capability, but it often time consuming to employ it every time we need to use a different proxy.

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Debts of only one partner Married couples often take on debt separately. In states where there is no requirement for both spouses to assume the debt, only one may have applied for credit cards or other credit in their name. Sometimes one partner has a business venture as a sole proprietorship that may have caused the debt.

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Most importantly, I in control. I don have to risk my squad survival by trusting a stranger who sat at main and begged for a BTR 82. (And no, I will never lead a 9 man infantry squad with the lead crewman kit.). Smartbooks are devices that fall somewhere in the area between netbooks and smartphones. These devices are intended to offer the best of both worlds, much like their immediate predecessors. Smartphones are kept on at all times whereas netbooks are ordinarily turned off when not in use; and on the other hand, smartphones are quite small and currently do not possess the range of features of a computer..

Is an extinct genus of sperm whale containing one species: L. Melvillei. It was found in the Pisco Formation of Peru and lived during the Tortonian stage of the Miocene epoch, about 9.9 8.9 million years ago (mya), however a large tooth from Australia implies that either it or a close relative survived into the Pliocene, around 5 mya.

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