From 1996 on TIT Kossuth Klub Association is taking leading role in the field of cultural tourism. It organizes field trips for students and teachers to study various methodological and professional best practices in all over Europe, from the most frequented and celebrated scientific, technological, historical and artistic centres, to the leading museums, from the national parks to the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and so on.

Kossuth Klub owes its reputation to its extensive efforts in the fields of talent nurturing and teachers’ training, to the thematic Science Days and Science Weeks it organizes, and to its ‘József Attila’ Open University Project, which has its roots in the 1960’s, and traditionally the most prestigious open university project of the country.

In the last two decades approximately 10 000 adults (teachers of the preschool, public and secondary education, employees of local authorities, and cultural managers) and approximately 4500 students have joined our programmes. According to their feedback our programmes make both the curricular and extra-curricular learning experimential, and sensational.


TIT Kossuth Klub Association
H-1088 Budapest, Múzeum utca 7.
+36 1 338 31 66
+36 1 411 08 46


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