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canada goose store This may be a gimmicky exploration of gun violence, which sometimes feels like a preachy public service uk canada goose outlet advisory, but its story unfolds with raw power. The film’s first half is told in real time, and generates some genuine suspense as it Canada Goose Parka finds complexities in two sides of a gunshot: the victim and the young man who accidentally pulled the cheap canada goose uk trigger. This gives the film a powerful sense of urgency as it moves into an even more pungent second act. canada goose store

canada goose clearance Set in Los Angeles, canada goose clearance sale the film centres on Mark (Noah Wyle), a movie sound mixer whose therapist wife canada goose black friday sale Phoebe (Sharon Leal) is divorcing him. As they meet to discuss the details, Mark is hit by a random gunshot and Phoebe accompanies him to hospital, where doctors try to save his life. Meanwhile, the shooter is Canada Goose Outlet revealed to be the sensitive 17 year old Miguel (Spider Man: Homecoming’s Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), who after being badly bullied got the gun from his cousin and canada goose uk shop fired it unintentionally. He’s now on the run, hiding from the cops canada goose outlet and panicking about what to do with the gun. Then several months later, he decides that he Canada Goose Online can no longer live with his guilt, and sets out to try and make things right. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Outlet Director Jeremy Kagan tells the first part of this story using split canada goose uk black friday screen to show both Mark and Miguel in their simultaneous fights to survive. This creates canadagooseparks a strong sense of suspense, as canada goose coats well as cheap Canada Goose an intriguing connection between these two men. Mark is conscious through his emergency room ordeal, so understands the ramifications of his injuries. Miguel is smart enough to realise that his hopes for the future could be derailed by this stupid mistake. And both actors dig deep into their characters, revealing inner thoughts and feelings that come surging to the surface in the film’s second half. Alongside them Leal’s character is just as affected by this errant bullet, and also has Canada Goose Jackets to cope with how her life is thrown off course. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose Along the canada goose clearance way, the script takes a few rather obvious jabs at the topical issue of Canada Goose Coats On Sale gun control, which seems a bit unnecessary in a story about the fallout from a random gunshot. And the preachiness extends to other topics like the importance of education and the cruelty of casual canada goose factory sale bigotry. But there are much more engaging things going on canada goose store in the uk canada goose drama itself, from canada goose uk outlet Mark and Phoebe’s marital issues between to Miguel’s feeling of buy canada goose jacket desperate isolation. So as the story begins to touch on ideas of guilt, courage and understanding, it becomes darkly moving. Roberts, Brandon K. Hampton as Young Black Inmate, Jonathon McClendon as Joshua, Chris Adams as Inmate, Esodie Geiger as Judge, Canada Goose online David House as Canada Goose sale Capt. Freeman, Michael Sheets as Lead Officer, Mike Ostroski as Banker Type, Nathaniel Augustson as Chef, J. Nathan Simmons as Prison Inmate, Howard Ferguson Jr. as Basketball Opponent, Joshua canada goose R. Aragon as Inmate, Jacob Browne as AD Seg Guard, Cru Ennis canadian goose jacket as buy canada goose jacket cheap Jason Horvath, Jetto Dorsainville as Bailiff, Marika Day as Punk Rocker Girl, David Miller as Prisoner, Diana Gaitirira as R Guard, Joseph P. Santillanes as Back Up Police Officer, Derek Dinniene as Young canada goose coats on sale Joshua, Bobby Lee Osborn as Lenny, Ivan Brutsche as SHU Guard, Cajardo Lindsey as Chino Guard, Diego Joaquin Lopez as Cellmate Lopez, Rodger Larance as Pedestrian, Jose B. Herrera as Prosecuting Attorney cheap Canada Goose.


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