25 litre engine is way down in group 5

For example, the Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia have similar running gear, but the Audi has insurance group ratings from 18 45, while the Octavia ranges from 13 30.Different versions of the same car will also be in a range of insurance groups, as engine performance and trim level affect premiums. A base level Ford Fiesta Studio fitted with the 1.25 litre engine is way down in group 5, but the same car in Titanium X trim with the 125bhp 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine is in group 16.UK insurance groups historyWhen the replica bags group system was established over 40 years ago, cars were classified in just nine insurance groups. In 1992, this was increased to 20, but with ever increasing diversity in the new car market, the current 50 group system was introduced in 2006.Vehicles from the 10 years prior to the new system being introduced 1996 or later are classified according to the same 50 groups as new cars are today.

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